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David Konstantinov
David Konstantinov

Temple Grandin (2010) ##BEST##

Temple Grandin will be screened on the 16th September at our Autism and Cinema season at the Barbican, London. The film will be followed by a short pre-recorded interview with the real Temple, and then a Q&A with podcast host Dr David Hartley, and Dr Bonnie Evans, author of The Metamorphosis of Autism. Tickets are free and can be bought from the Barbican website: -on/2021/event/temple-grandin-pg-screentalk

Temple Grandin (2010)

After seeing this video clip I realized that of many wonderful movies I missed, it includes Temple Grandin (2010) -a movie to watch to understand the world of autism. This is based on a real person by name Temple Grandin, and the role played by an amazing actress Claire Danes (some of us might remember her from tv series Homeland). That is one more reason for me to look for this film because Claire Danes always does fantastic work. 041b061a72


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